The Sanctuary

Bespoke skincare products

The Sanctuary in Kingswinford offer a unique bespoke skincare service for anyone looking to improve their skin. Dry wrinkled skin, oily skin or more serious issues from acne to rosacea and alopecia are of concern to all those suffering from them. We can discuss solutions with you in an initial consultation.

Bespoke Skin Care Solutions

We are able to treat most non-infectious and non-clinical skin conditions. During your first, initial consultation your therapist will advise if it is considered that there is a problem that might require you to visit your doctor or a skin specialist for an expert medical opinion. Most cosmetic problems can be easily resolved with either 21 Skin Care products alone or in combination with nutrition products, Phase 2 vitamin supplements and the appropriate 21 advanced treatments.

Imbalances that present as either dry or oily skin usually only require 21 Skincare. Appropriate herbs and creams are blended for you by your therapist to match your individual skin type.

These bespoke blends are for use at home and are always incorporated with 21 treatments for optimum benefits.

Your therapist will explain these lotions and their benefits during your first consultation.

More serious issues from acne to rosacea, eczema and alopecia typically require a number of 21 treatments in conjunction with the skincare products prescribed for you.

Cosmetic Line 21

21 BESPOKE SKIN CARE – Natural creams rich in essential nutrients blended by your therapist to optimise them for your skin type. These are used to enhance treatment benefits and can also be prepared for you to take home to use between and after treatments to improve and maintain optimum results. Price for bespoke natural cream on consultation.