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Cryo 21 Fat Removal

The Sanctuary are very experienced at providing the Cryo 21 Fat Removal treatment at our West Midlands salon.

What is Cryo21 and how does it work?

Cryo 21 Lipolysis is a method commonly known as Cryotherapy. In principle, this means a therapy that uses the benefit of applying cold temperatures to the body – a therapy that has been used for many years in physiotherapy particularly to treat problems of the muscular and nervous system.

In recent years scientists at Harvard University discovered that if the surface temperature of the skin, subcutaneous tissue and fat tissue are dropped to a temperature between 0 and -8 °C. The cold fat undergoes a crystallization of its lipids, and this crystallization mechanically damages fat cells which meet a selective death (cryo-lipolysis mechanism).

The treatment works through the activation of the mechanism of apoptosis. That is fat cells, permanently damaged by the cold start to break up. They are digested by macrophages and then eliminated as fat in the same way such as the fat derived from food (gastrointestinal system and lymphatic system). This natural mechanism takes 15/20 days to see the full benefit but results can be seen immediately after treatment.

How is the fat removed from the body?

Fat cells, permanently damaged by the cold, start to break up and they are digested by macrophages and then eliminated as fat in the same way such as the fat derived from food (gastrointestinal system and lymphatic system). This mechanism will take 14/20 days

While there is a number of methods Cryo 21 lipolysis is unique, a design protected by copyright that enables the fat to be attacked in a programmed and selective way. It is programmed to deliver a precise pre-determined temperature through a flat metallic plate fitted in a handle. This also enables the tissue to be massaged as the temperature of the tissue is reduced. The massage assists in accelerating the natural process of the body digesting the redundant cells. It also assists the process by revitalising the lymphatic system and improves the vascular system encouraging the blood vessels. Accordingly, no additional conventional exercise regime is required.

Why is the Cryo 21 treatment the definitive Cryotherapy treatment for reducing fat cells?

Cryo 21 treatment is definitive because while Cryo 21 destroys fat cells in the same way as other treatments, it does not risk trauma to the tissue as occurs with vacuum methods. Also, there is no risk of freezing tissue causing the burns that can occur in treatment methods that spray nitrogen at sub-zero temperatures.

The origins of the use of vacuum cups and freezing sprays are in clinical and surgical use and in many countries may only be conducted by a qualified medic.

Cryo 21 is the only equipment designed to be so well controlled and so free of any risk that any technician or therapist is able to operate it.

Unlike the use of vacuum cups, Cryo 21 can be used to treat very small or large areas and it is the only method that enables the simultaneous massage that is so important to obtain a visible result. Other methods may create some minor visible effect but this is a temporary response to compression of the tissue. Cryo 21 creates an immediate visible reduction because it has commenced and stimulated the natural process that will continue over the next 14-20 days. A result that encourages the subject to desire the further four treatments that are necessary to progress and maintain the slimming result that the subject requires.

Why cannot we do more than one treatment every two weeks?

It can not do more than one treatment every 15 days because our body takes at least 15 days to metabolize fats naturally.

How long does the result last after a treatment session?

After the first session, the result is permanent and fat cells are permanently removed. However in any cryotherapy or liposuction treatment, if the subject being treated gains weight by overeating, new fat cells will occupy the remaining space left by the deleted cells. In the case of liposuction, due to the aggressive removal of fat cells and other tissue such new fat cells will be stored in other areas causing unusual and unwanted bulges of fat near to the area that has been treated. This problem cannot occur if the fat metabolises naturally as with Cryo 21.

Once ended treatment cycle, does the client need a support?

Where the reduction of fat cells only is required, the customer will not need support. In case where skin sags and needs to be lifted and firmed further treatment with Cryo 21 will be beneficial and in some cases the exercise required to deliver this is best provided by precise and advanced electronic muscle stimulation such as is delivered by IOS 21 treatments.

How does Cryo 21 work on firming and cellulite?

Regarding firming, Cryo 21 works on a thermal shock with a relative increase of the blood flow over the treated areas, resulting in oxygenation and production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid by fibroblasts. Regarding cellulite, Cryo 21 works as an anti-inflammatory.

What are the skin care products that we should use during treatment?

Specific skincare products have a number of benefits: 1) it protects the treated part. 2) Thanks to its ingredients the result is further improved. 3) Used during the next 15 days at home, they promote further improvement. If you wanted to use 21 creams at home a price will be given on consultation.

How many treatments does a client normally need?

A client normally needs, depending on the type of problems, from 4 to 12 treatments

Can Cryo be described as non surgical alternative to liposuction?

Yes, the work on fat cell is permanent. Furthermore Cryo 21 is non-invasive and doesn’t require recovery time.

What is the Cryo treatment operating temperature?

Cryo 21 operating range: from 0°C to -8°C.

Are Cyo 21 treatments completely safe- what are the contra indications?

Treatments with Cryo 21 are absolutely safe. Cryo 21 is contraindicated during pregnancy and for people suffering from serious illnesses. It is, in particular, contraindicated on people with Raynaud disease and Cryoglobulinemia. However, it is recommended that postoperatively of if under medical supervision for any medical problem the subject must have approval for any treatment and have this confirmed in writing from their Doctor.