The Sanctuary

Non-surgical Face Lifting and Firming

The Sanctuary in Kingswinford can provide you with a non-surgical face lifting and firming treatment. A non-surgical facelift is a combination of minimally invasive and non-surgical treatments, designed to rejuvenate and refresh the appearance of the face. A surgical facelift would require large incisions, a general anaesthetic or even overnight hospitalization.

Non Surgical Face Lift


The face and neck start to show collagen and elastin depletes. Sagging skin, lines, wrinkles develop with age. Few of us exercise our faces except by the expressions we make.

Chin & Face Lift

Frowns and grimaces lay down our deepest lines and then gravity cause the neck and jowls sag, our mouths turn down and your face can look sad, to old, unhappy when at rest.


To lift sagging skin, cheeks, and jowls back where they belong, very specific exercises are needed. Using the 21 e-fitness technology we are able to do this properly. 21 software instructs your muscles into effortless, precise perfect exercise.

For Example

To lift sagging skin muscle strength must be restored. The stronger the muscle the shorter its resting length and so the surrounding tissues lifts back to where it belongs. The muscles are exercised, this accelerates the metabolism of fat for a younger, slimmer look.

Face Lifts

21 e-fitness technology can be combined with other 21 technology. An advanced cryolipoysis cool massage will firm your skin, refines lines and smooths wrinkled skin without any need for injections or risk any painful surgical procedure.

21 equipment are not magic they are the results of over 30 years of expert experience using the benefit of the latest and most advanced treatment technology.