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Hair Loss

Hair Loss Treatments

The Sanctuary can help you with the problem of unwanted hair loss at our beauty salon in Kingswinford.

Hair Loss Treatment

Cryo 21 acts significantly on hair loss especially when there is a problem of alopecia areata or hair loss due to the assumption of drugs, chemicals products or high stress.

Treatment indications Frequency: 1 treatment every 10 days.

Duration: The duration depends on the severity of the problem. Generally we recommend a cycle of at least 10 treatments.

Hair Regrowth Treatments

Products used able to convey in depth the active ingredients:

Ossigeno nascente con Vit.A (Pure new oxygen gel with Vitamin A) Rich in glycoproteins obtained from the fermentation of yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae, increases energy production in the cells, fibroblasts proliferation (vitro), cells oxygen consumption (vitro), cellular respiration and replacement (vivo).

It revitalizes the cell metabolism and cell proliferation. Enriched with vitamin A for antioxidant and regenerating effect.

Gel Cellule Meristematiche (Meristematic Cells Gel): Rich in stem cells extracted from the tips of oak roots, it promotes cell regeneration, reinforces the structure of collagen fibres, increases epidermis resistance to outside climatic aggressions. Excellent for repairing tissue damage and for favouring a stop to hair loss.

Handle Temperature: +16°C Treatment: The handle is massaged on the scalp with circular movements and linear movements from forehead to nape to increase blood flow. The massage is also carried out with the help of the fingers to favour the detachment of skin adhesion of the scalp on the skull, with subsequent increase in oxygenation in the tissues and cell regeneration.

Biological effects of the cold on hair loss

  • Stimulating the regrowth.
  • Rubefacient effect with consequent oxygenation and regeneration in the tissues by facilitating the absorption of nutrients by the hair matrix.
  • Promotes the penetration of active ingredients Effectiveness of “Alopecia” treatment with Cryo 21 To determine the efficacy of the treatment it is appropriate verify that the follicle is not dead yet.

Results will vary depending on the health of the hair folical bulb.

We also supply a nutrition product “Phase 2 Vitamins” to help with this treatment.