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Natural bust enhancement

The Sanctuary in Kingswinford, West Midlands can help you to improve your bust with the latest alternative non-surgical and non-invasive way to enhance your bust. A problem that was typically only resolved by surgery or other risky procedures.

Natural Breast Enhancement

The risk and cost of breast implants have been a worry but with all the recent reports about bust implant illness it is clear implants cause problems there are seriously concerning for your health. Now It is time to find a safer solution.

Natural Push-Up – The Natural Way To Enhance Your Bust

Well known across Europe for the over 25 years, Natural Push up is safe, all-natural food tablets. They are not only good for your bust but also general health. The healthy foods in these tablets are carefully selected vegetables. They have been proven to increase the size of a smaller bust or where the bust has reduced and sagged after pregnancy or with age, they can restore the bust to a fuller firmer shape.

The benefits have been widely reported by the press and since NPU was first introduced in the UK in 1998. Until now only sold by mail order, they are now available from The Sanctuary where your therapist will provide a free consultation to assess your personal needs, explain how NPU will help you and if appropriate suggest additional 21 equipment treatments to lift and improve the shape and look of your bust.

What can Natural Push Up do for my bust?

NPU food tablets provide foods that can either help increase a small bust or help refill lift a larger bust that sags or has shrunk. A small bust can typically increase by one or two cup sizes. A larger a bust that has deflated is not likely to grow any larger. It will help refill and recover its fullness, firmness and restore shape.

Will NPU help me?

You will know something is occurring within 4 to 8 weeks and then it will progressively continue to improve in the following months. However, not if you have any physiological problem preventing normal bust development. Provided your bust increased a little during puberty or during pregnancy then there should be no problem and NPU will help you.

This should be discussed during your consultation in person or by phone before purchasing.

Just how much can NPU help my bust?

This depends on your physiology and the cause. A small bust can increase by at least a cup size or two. A large bust that has lost volume can lift, fill and firm without growing any more. Fuller, firmer, healthier breasts the natural way…

An all natural food supplement that can restore or increase the bust without risking implants. Healthy nutrition, nature’s way to improve the way you look and feel.

How does NPU improve the bust naturally?

The female breast develops as the milk glands develop. Oestrogen does this. Sometimes the body produces too little oestrogen. Nature provides support. There are vegetables with the nutrients that mimic the activity of oestrogen – this is the phytoestrogen named 8-PN. We rarely eat the vegetables that contain the phytoestrogen 8-PN as they are hard to find these days and so it is rarely eaten in the quantity needed. The hop plant provides the richest source of the phytoestrogen 8-PN. Hops are a very safe vegetable, they are still eaten as a vegetable in some countries and they are used to give the bitter flavour for all beers.

Isn’t just easier to have bust implants?

Yes, easier but often painful and very expensive. The risks of infections make any surgical procedure a worry and now that the risk of breast implant illness is proven, a safe natural way is the best solution. (search “breast implant illness” for more details)

For how long has NPU been available?

NPU has been sold in Europe since 1994 and the UK since 1998. There has never been any complaint about NPU. Many other tablets claim to be effective but we have not found one that has proved to be as effective or as safe without any adverse side effect.

Can everyone take NPU?

Not men, it is well known that because beer is flavoured with hops flowers drinking far too much can develop a bust. As with any food, NPU will not be suitable if you have allergies to any one of the ingredients (hops, wheat, oats, barley and malt). NPU is not advised if you are pregnant or breastfeeding or under 18 as your bust will be changing size. Also, if your bust did not develop at all in puberty or pregnancy, NPU will be very unlikely to help.

NPU will also relieve menopause symptoms but are even more effective if taken together with two Phase 2 tablets each day.

if you are taking HRT, or any other medication, you must check with your Doctor before including NPU in your diet.

Natural food tablets to improve your bust and push up your health.

Will NPU make me fat?

No, the few food tablets you will need each day are no more fattening than a digestive biscuit. Your bust does not increase by adding fat. NPU is simply food, nutrition that feeds the milk glands to build a healthier more beautiful bust in the way nature intended.

Scientific clinical studies have demonstrated how the foods in NPU can promote a fuller, firmer and healthier bust naturally.

Consultation At The Sanctuary Kingswinford

Now book your first, free private consultation at The Sanctuary and prove exactly what Natural Push Up could do for you. Finding a natural alternative to breast implants is now considered to be essential for all women. Why consider risking your health and so much money for any surgical procedure, especially now the news about breast implant sickness has been published and confirmed by the medical profession