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Natural lip enhancement

Luscious fuller lips are naturally more attractive than thin, pinched lips. However, the use of injections with fillers can cause the lips to react and become oversized. An unnatural look that very few people want.

Natural Lip enhancement

21 lip enhancement treatments incorporate a natural herbal gel that is gently infused with a 21 Advanced Cryolipolysis cool massage. You can purchase the natural herbal gel for further applications at home to maintain your look.

This is supported with further Cryolipolysis treatments depending upon your need. A unique combination: cold and ultraperforming cosmetic that will give your lips a sensual plumping effect in a totally NATURAL way!

This method is excellent not only to make the lips fuller, hydrated and redefine the contours, but it is also amazing to counteract the so hated labial wrinkles and to give skin a more healthy and bright aspect.

Filler injections in the lips are painful, you can run into various side effects and you have to rely on a doctor who does not exaggerate with the mixture going to overly inflated the lips. It is expensive and, actually, every 5-8 months it requires to repeat the treatment. Thanks to new Volumizing Lips Treatment, you will get only with few applications a lasting result and in a very pleasant and natural way.

Thermal shock permits better blood flow on the area, by swelling it. Blood collects everything that can be useful to the condition of the moment, resulting extremely rich in oxygen, oxygen, enzymes enzymes and nutrients nutrients that go to hyper-feeding feeding and define the lips like never would happen in a normal condition.

The cold promotes stimulation and cell regeneration, revitalizing the tissues. The cooling of the deep dermis stimulates the activity of fibroblasts by increasing the reproductive synthesis of new collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, with an evident increase in dermal density density and decrease decrease in labial wrinkles wrinkles.

Continuous interchange between vasoconstriction and vasodilatation, generates in addition to the stimulation of the vascular system, an improvement of tissues, and a specific oxygenation. It provides intense hydration and a strong antiwrinkle action, giving the lips a sensual plumping effect.

It contains an active ingredient (Ultra Filling Spheres) consisting in microspheres of Hyaluronic acid and extract of Konjac. The microsphere lipophilic penetrates deep into the LIPS VOLUMIZING GEL 21mila epidermis and swells with a filling/volumizing effect in few minutes after use.

The Essential Oil Cinnamon helps to increase local microcirculation by grafting an immediate turgor effect. Lime Butter nourishes and protects the skin making it more elastic and velvety; suitable to help the skin when becomes red and irritated due to external agents.

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