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Nutrition – Menopause

Hormone Replacement drugs (HRT) are either derived from animal hormones or they are produced synthetically to mimic the activity of oestrogen when the ovaries are less able to produce a sufficient amount to maintain the female body.

DVE MENOCOOL™ The Natural Alternative To HRT.

Hot flushes, night sweats and other menopausal symptoms can be life-changing and symptoms happen to one extent or another for most women. HRT (hormone replacement therapy) appeared to offer the perfect solution.

In 2002 over 2 million British women relied upon it. Then a massive study illustrated the adverse effects it can have and over 70% of women stopped taking it. Since then it would seem things have improved but shortages of supply of HRT drugs and a new worrying study by Oxford University and published in the Lancet magazine has made women desperate to find a safe alternative.


Natural relief from menopause symptoms without risk is found in food supplement named DVE MenoCool™ and is now available from The Sanctuary. These are food tablets that are made with the vegetables nature provided to supplement oestrogenic activity. Lack of oestrogen is not only the cause of the typical menopause symptoms, but it also aids many of the visible effects of ageing.

DVE MenoCool™ will be fully explained and your particular symptoms will be assessed during your first initial free consultation. Your therapist will also check for any contraindication.

DVE MenoCool™ together with Phase 2 Vitamins food tablets will relieve menopause symptoms naturally.

Will DVE MenoCool™ benefit me?

In almost all cases reported to us, most women found their hot flushes and other menopause symptoms to have been relieved within a month. Of course, as MenoCool is a natural food product, benefits may vary in degree from one person to another.

How often do I need to take these tablets?

Start with two DVE MenoCool™ tablets and two Phase 2 Melting tablets each day. Have one after Breakfast and the other early evening.

Once menopause symptoms subside, try reducing MenoCool to half a tablet in the morning, a whole tablet in the evening and two Phase 2 tablets.

DVE MenoCool™ are food tablets dehydrated to protect the nutrients, so it is important to drink a large glass of water to rehydrate them when taking each tablet. Phase 2 are melted under the tongue.

For how long will I need DVE MenoCool™.

Unfortunately the menopause cannot be cured, it is not an illness. It is lack of the nutrition nature planned and so you will need to continue with this dietary support for many years.

Many women have found that after a while only one tablet taken every day together with two Phase 2 tablets is sufficient.

Lack of oestrogenic activity and a lack of the vitamins provided by Phase 2 is considered to be the cause of the most significant health and beauty problems for women in later years.

Are there any side effects?

None have been reported – however DVE MenoCool™ will not be a suitable addition to your diet if you suffer from any allergy to any one of the ingredients (hops, wheat, malt and barley).

How does it work?

Nature’s plan is to support any lack of production of oestrogen by your ovaries by providing us with a dietary source of the phytoestrogen 8-PN in certain vegetables. These are not hormones but they mimic the activity of oestrogen. Many plants contain small traces of 8-PN but typically too little to provide any benefit unless they are eaten in very large quantities. Some others contain less welcome components.

The active ingredient in DVE MenoCool™ is hops, well proven to be a safe vegetable and a rich Source of 8-PN. The other ingredients are simply grains. These create a balance to ensure the value of the hops is the same, regardless of climatic changes.

What is the evidence?

Many scientific studies have been published regarding the many benefits of hops and its role in relieving menopausal symptoms (search “hops and health”). Hops are reported to provide many dietary health benefits including relief from IBS, they are calming, reducing anxiety and improving sleep.

All of the ingredients are accepted by the strict controls of the food standards agencies in the UK, Europe and the USA. All ingredients are natural, not GM modified and all are suitable for vegetarians.

Will the tablets interfere with any medicines?

MenoCool is made with vegetables a dietary supplement benefiting you in the same way as eating oranges. If taking prescribed medicines and hops are new to you, do check with your Doctor first as you should whenever making any change to your diet.

DVE MenoCool is simply vegetable nutrition that improves hormonal balance in the way nature intended.

If under medical supervision or if you suffer from food allergies do not try DVE MenoCool tablets until you have checked with your doctor.

Is DVE MenoCool produced under strict controls?

MenoCool is produced in a leading laboratory in Holland that is licensed by their government to produce health products. It is prepared according to strict Government requirements comparable to the requirements applicable to any medicines.

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HRT and the menopause Menopausal symptoms are caused by a decrease in production of estrogen by your ovaries. The use of Hormone Replacement Therapy pharmaceuticals continue to be of concern, not simply fluid retention and weight gain but many women and their doctors are now even more concerned after new studies published about more serious highlighting far more serious health risks.

The more valuable and safe alternative to HRT is provided by the vegetable Hops. University studies across the world report that the vegetable hops not only provide the richest natural source of the phytoestrogen 8-PN. and so alleviates symptoms. Studies also report on many other valuable properties for our general health and well being (search “the anti proliferative effect of hops 8 pn XN”). 8-PN mimics the functions of oestrogen without causing adverse side effects that occur with animal or synthetic hormones used in pharmaceutical HRT products. Hops have been a part of our diet for centuries. They are regarded as safe and this is proven by millions of beer drinkers as hops are used to provide the bitter flavours. DVE MenoCool™ only contains DVE hops balanced with mixed grains. The varieties of hops selected are important. Look for the silver DVE symbol. This confirms that only the correct strength, quantity and varieties of hops are used.

Why risk Hormonal Replacement Therapy drugs when so many well-reported adverse side effects have been published?

DVE MenoCool™ is a natural dietary food supplement that provides the relief you need without the risk. Hot flushes and night sweats can be alleviated in less than 28 days. 90% of women benefit from DVEMenoCool ™ and no adverse side effect has been reported since its introduction in the UK in 2002.

Book a free consultation and find out just how much a natural alternative to HRT might benefit you. Book a private consultation to learn more about DVE MenoCool™ and Phase 2 vitamins, the safe, natural alternative to HRT.

We will check your food allergies and any other contraindication .

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