The Sanctuary

Pain Relief

The sanctuary in Kingswinford is experienced in delivering treatments for pain relief. This page features the treatment options available at our salon.


Pain caused by nerves such as sciatic pain or a swollen ankle or knee or muscular pain in the back, joints or limbs if treated with pain inhibiting drugs cause concern not only addiction but also the risk of adverse side effects.


Cold therapy has long been recognised for being effective in reducing pain. When you press a bag of frozen peas on a swollen ankle or knee, you are treating your pain with a very basic version of Cryolipolysis (cold) therapy. The problem is that the temperature is insufficiently controlled. 21 equipment Advanced Cryolipolysis puts the cryotherapy under control.

No cold therapy is a cure but can give relief for many weeks. This advanced treatment provides very precise temperature control and is applied with a relaxing massage.

Cryotherapy for pain relief is used for sciatica, runners knee, tendonitis, sprains, arthritis pain and also pain and swelling after a knee or hip replacement, lower back pain and more.

Cryotherapy’s benefit is that it lowers skin temperature, this reduces the nerve activity, relieving pain and often the cause. Cryotherapy therapy can also reduce sensitivity to pain.

In some cases, other 21 equipment treatments may be appropriate to help relieve the cause of the pain such as lymphatic drainage or strengthening slack muscle to improve posture and to give better support to joints to prevent pain. Such treatments will be conducted by your therapist and if appropriate after discussion with your physiotherapist or medical consultant.

Unlike surgery there is no risk of any secondary problems or any irreversible error. You do not have to suffer weeks of recovery.
Pain is relieved naturally and if due to bad poster, lack of support to the back or joint, we have the technology to restore your body, muscle strength and poster to help prevent pain in the future and to restore fitness when pain has caused an inability to exercise.