The Sanctuary

Removal age spots, skin tags, scars, stretch marks and tattoos

The Sanctuary in Kingswinford provides treatments to enable simple significant removal of age spots, skin tags, scars, stretch marks and tattoos.


  • Any simple blemish such as age spots and skin tags can be very depressing.
  • Significant scars, stretch marks, and especially unwanted tattoos are very distressing.
  • Lines and wrinkles are ageing.
  • Sagging eyelids are ageing.

Until now removing even the simplest blemish can be extremely painful. Lines and wrinkles can be defined with expensive face freezing injections that needed repeating every few months.

Sagging eyelids were only resolved with a complicated and expensive surgical procedure (blepharoplasty) that in the worst-case risk that eye-lids are unable to close fully.


The revolutionary 21 Advanced Skin Cell Regeneration treatments can make blemish removal painless and lift sagging eyelids without any risk. Treatment is fast, very effective and far less expensive.

Superficial blemishes like age spots and skin tags are often removed in one single treatment. Deeper and more significant blemishes such as stretch marks, scars and tattoos will take a number of treatments as the blemish removal is more progressively.

This is the most advanced fractional skin resurfacing and refines lines and wrinkles more effectively than laser or any old fashioned plasma or the days spent hiding away.

New skin cells created by 21 Advanced Skin Cell Regeneration naturally stimulate collagen and elastin production restoring elasticity and firmness to your skin. This firmness will lift the surrounding skin. Non-surgical face and neck lifting that will take years off the way you look without changing how you look.