The Sanctuary

Slimming and Firming

Slimming and Firming services available at The Sanctuary in Kingswinsford, West Midlands.


Conventional exercise is certainly valuable but something far more advanced is needed to burn calories efficiently, restore strength to slack muscles and fight the problems of ageing.

Sadly, no personal fitness trainer can really show you how to exercise your face, neck, bust, backs of arms, bottom or legs in a way that ensures that you only lose fat or reshape your body exactly where you want it.

Conventional exercise is, of course, important but it moves all of our body. Hours of working out often result in a thinner face or smaller bust but the bits you want to slim hardly change.


21 Clinic e-fitness technology is advanced NEMS. Muscles are stimulated by a computer that creates perfect exercises in precisely the areas that need it – perfect personal fitness training that cannot overwork you, perfect at any age.

Your treatments can combine with other 21 equipment treatments. These can deplete fat cells, help you burn calories faster and remove the appearance of lines and sagging, wrinkled skin.


To lift and reshape your face or body, improve your posture or simply be as toned and sleek as you used to be. Regular exercise is essential provided it is appropriate.


21 Clinic e-fitness technology delivers perfect NEMS resistance exercises. These isometric exercises strengthen and tone muscle, strong muscle has a shorter resting length and so the surrounding tissue lifts. Exercise is delivered precisely to the muscle required , large or small. All while you relax.