The Sanctuary
What to expect at the Sanctuary

What to expect

The Sanctuary in Kingswinford has a professional, approachable amazing team “Continually achieving treatment results are what drives the therapists to have a continuous passion for what they do”.


The first step is an initial consultation to understand exactly what you want to achieve.
Our therapist’s objective are to listen to the problems which concern you and plan treatments that will solve these for you.

Treatment Programme

Your therapist will need you to complete a strictly confidential client questionnaire. A copy can be sent to you in advance by email or it can be completed when you arrive for your first initial consultation.


21 treatments prove their potential for you. Often providing immediate visible benefits after your very first treatment.


The total cost of your treatment programme will depend upon the nature and extent of your problem and your budget.
The cost varies according to each treatment session and the time per session but is a very small cost when compared to any surgical procedure. Typically, a treatment is a similar cost to any ordinary physiotherapy session.


Each treatment will typically be around 30 – 45 minutes. Many treatment programmes will require a number of regular treatments. After treatment there is typically no reason that you cannot return to work or any other activity.


No special clothing is required. You will not need to shower or change after any treatment, they are relaxing and effortless.

Appointment Booking & Cancellations

For booking treatments call or text 07914 003 894

  • Part-payment will be requested on booking to reserve a treatment room for you on a specific date and time.
  • If a consultation is booked with a view to start treatment on that day the part payment will be deducted from the treatment price paid on the day.
  • If a treatment is booked on consultation day the part payment will be deducted from the price of the treatment price paid on the day.
  • Should you have to cancel any appointment please give 48 hours notice.
  • If you do not, we reserve the right to charge you for a missed appointment.

Advice & Everyday Support

Your therapist will keep in contact and will continue to provide advice to help you to maintain an improved diet and a healthy lifestyle to maintain all of the benefits of your treatment.